K Millichamp & Sons - Specialist handling

K Millichamp & Sons offer a wide variety of handling and storage services at our warehouses.

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  • Delicate/Electronic equipment
  • Electronic Stair climbers
  • Floor covering
  • Wall protection for lifts and corridors
  • Abnormal loads
  • Computer positioning
  • Packing services
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Should you require any of the above services do not hesitate to telephone, email or fax and one of our representatives will contact you by return.

K.Millichamp & Sons
Atherstone, Warwickshire
Email: c.millichamp@btconnect.com
Email: r-millichamp@btconnect.com

Phone: 01827 715205
01827 712534
01827 718179
Fax: 01827 711759

“..with over 40 years experience PERHAPS WE ARE DOING SOMETHING CORRECT!”
- David Millichamp